Saturday, June 28, 2008

New trampoline

I took pictures as the kids and Andrew, who is home this weekend, set up the new trampoline. Our old one was broken and getting dangerous. I think we had that one for 7 or 8 years so it is definitely time for a new one. The boys must have been sitting in the dirt. UGH!!

It seemed like it took a while for them to get this far. I'm sure it was because the mom was inside fixing supper. :) They needed me, I know. hahaha
Tyler climbed up in a tree.
Taylor played with a shovel.
And then, BINGO, the frame was up!!
See, I did help.... by reading the instructions. (That ugly connex in the background should be painted a deep red here in the next few weeks.)

Awwww, I broke a nail. :(
Me and my sweetheart of almost 23 years, husband of almost 21 years!! I'm so glad he's home. We had Katie take some pictures of us together. Here's another one.
Kids just know how to desecrate the moment! :) We had no idea why Katie was laughing hysterically while she was taking the picture. So funny!!

More about St. Mary's, Alaska

This was back on May 17th, or somewhere around there. They were not happy to be having snow that day!! The airport is about 7 miles away from St. Mary's. This is the area around the airport with pretty mountains aways in the distance.
This is the town of Mountain Village. I don't remember how far away it is from St. Mary's... I want to say about 15 miles. It looks like it is built on the side of the mountain. Below is a picture of the town, closer, with the cemetary showing up higher on the mountain. Interesting!!
A commercial fish "camp"..... probably on the Yukon River which is not too far from St. Mary's.
It is a little hard to tell what is going on in this picture, but Andrew was telling me that these people had gone up or down river to get some logs, I don't know for sure what they were being used for, maybe firewood or to build something. But they tie them together and float them in front of the boat. Here is some of the fancy framing that Darryl Quesenberry is doing in one of the school buildings. Darryl Q. and Brian showing off their work. :)
Darryl's big pike.
My "little man's" big pike!
....bigger pike!!
Love this picture, he was making fun of his little catch!
Nice and green now, St. Mary's, Alaska.

The outside of the elementary school.
An airplane taking off on a beautiful day.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Our church league softball games are so fun! I go just to hassle all the people who are playing. (and to play, if they need me, but I always hope they don't need me!!) Judy, Mary, Ben and Emily, who wouldn't look at the camera. :) My dear friends who I have fun with at the games.
Little Sage and Taylor, playing in the dirt!
Tracey, Taylor is moving in on Stephen's girl... watch out, she's going to be mine!! :)
U. Dwane and A. Gwen.... wake up Uncle - you're on deck!! :)
Erica and Heidi
Katie and Allison
Daron's best side.... hey, he said it himself!
Mary, here are a few of Scott. The one above is better than the rest but I was trying to get some "action" shots, so I didn't get good face pictures.

U. Dwane pitching
Why do these young whippersnappers always have to hold the camera funky to take a picture? :) And of course, I'm saying... don't you dare take a picture. :) Oh, see that iPhone on top of my tan purse to my left.... yes, that is mine and yes, it is soooooo cool!!

Blaine making a great catch.

Daron and someone's little "pink" dog.

As you can see, we have a lot of fun.... even if we don't win every game. :)


My mother in law's favorite flower is the daisy and I have really started enjoying them myself. These purplish ones are just gorgeous. I probably won't comment on every one of these next pictures. They are just of the flowers I planted a few weeks ago in my boxes.

One of my Martha Washington geraniums.... they are soooooo beautiful.... but expeeeeensiiiiive!

At the kids' soccer games

Here is a picture of Grant at the girls' soccer game. He was being silly and acting cool. What a cutie. He didn't get to play that night because he couldn't find one of his cleats. UGH!! If I had been an organized mother I would have made sure he had all his stuff in one place that morning so we wouldn't have had to look for it. Instead, as we were leaving we were realizing he could only find one cleat. :( We have since found the other cleat and I told him from now on we are getting all his stuff together the morning of his game!!
Just a couple of random pictures from the girls' game.