Monday, April 30, 2007

Gangsta Taylor

Katie, my creative "fashion" designer, decided to make Taylor look like a gangsta rapper. He even has a little "bling". HA!! And his pants are about to fall down in the back.... yeah, pretty close to what they really look like. :)

Yum! You might even be able to see the chicken and dumplin's that we had for supper tonight.

Living for the weekends.

It seems like I don't add anything much during the week. Andrew isn't here then and I guess I don't do too much exciting when he's not here. When he is home, though, we try to do something together. So this weekend we opened a Christmas gift that I bought for Grant or the twins, I can't remember. It was a kiddie pitching machine. It wasn't very consistent in it's throws, sometimes faster and higher, sometimes lower and slower. So Andrew laughed at my purchase, but hey.... they got a few hits. :)

Here is Drew going for it.

Taylor is reaching for the high one.

Tyler connected on this one.

Then we started a big fire in our fire pit. I think Taylor was helping Andrew start the fire and held the match the wrong way and got his finger a little warmer than he would have liked it. We are planning to get a yard put in this summer, I am really excited about it because that will cut down on the amount of sand that gets in the house. :) Everything you see behind the boys and Andrew will be green eventually.

Friday, April 20, 2007

God loves to talk to little boys while they're fishing

We took a couple of hours to go fishing right down at the slough that is close to our house. These two were the cutest things ever!! I'm not prejudice or anything. :) They would just look and look in the water as they reeled it in, trying to see if there was a fish chasing the lure. It looks like they are almost in the water but they are really right along the shore and the ice was strong enough to hold Andrew and me.

One tired "boy"

My poor husband always burns the candle on both ends. He is trying so hard to get his pilot's license, be a good dad and a good husband, plus make a living to support his family. So this week he has been devoting 8-10/day with an instructor, then coming home and trying to read after the kids go to sleep. But this is what usually happens...... so sad. Would you please pray for him?

Big Bonfire

We decided to finally get rid of the pile of brush that has been in our front yard for a while, yes, that would be the same one the moose were eating out of. Andrew started the fire this evening and I went and got marshmallows for the kids to roast. Yum Yum!!

Tom and Crystal Smith, Max and Sherry Shelton's daughter and her husband, just came up for the summer today. They hadn't been home an hour when this picture was taken. Max and Sherry live in one of our downstairs apartments, and now Tom and Crystal and their two daughters, Hannah and Riley, are living in the other apartment. They were here a couple of years ago, so the twins have been so excited to have Hannah back.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

No more braces

Heidi got her braces off on Wednesday after having them for 3 and 1/2 years. She was more
than ready for this day.


Brace Faces

This is the only day the girls will have braces on at the same time. Katie got hers on today, Heidi gets hers off tomorrow, Lord willing. So I knew I had to get a picture to post.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bicycles everywhere

Well, the temperatures here are warmer than most of the eastern part of the country. We are hitting 50's most days and the snow is melting faster than usual. I think we skipped the 30's and 40's entirely. It went from being 20 below to 50 above in the matter of a week or so. That is good news for us who are tired of winter.

So the bicycles are out as you see in the picture below. We had a guy over here working on our electricity for the shop, or something. (He doesn't know us or our family, just Andrew) He said to Andrew, "tell me you don't have a kid for each of those bikes". HA!!! Andrew just smiled and said, "Yes we do!!" (OK, so we have a few extra bikes but they are mostly all used:))

Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Easter to All

Hi folks!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! We certainly did. We had wonderful services yesterday, in the evening service we had communion. Bro. Paul Ford sang a special "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross" but with the newer tune. It was very powerful and beautiful. I don't think any of us were not moved by that song! Thank the Lord, we serve a risen Savior!!!

Easter baskets and Soppy Chocolate