Friday, November 16, 2007

We're leaving

Tomorrow evening we will be headed to the Fairbanks International Airport to leave for Guatemala. Andrew, me and the three older kids are all going. We are supposed to meet my mom and dad, sister and her family and brother and his family there. However, my brother's little boy, Logan, is in the hospital with an infection behind his eye/ in his sinus that will not go away. And unless a miracle happens they probably won't be able to go on this trip. The most important thing to all of us though, is that Logan gets better. We will just feel very sad if we don't get to see them at all. So will you all pray for Logan and our family. I think we are all pretty worried about this infection. Also, try to remember to pray for our safety and that this will be a life changing experience for us. I have been to a foreign country like this before but my kids haven't, so I want the Lord to remind me where I could be and where I am (and I'm not talking about physical location here), and I want my kids to see what God has for them, and how ugly sin really is.

I got a new camera so I will be taking lots of pictures, Lord willing. And I plan to post them all. hehehehe We won't be back until Dec. 1st. I doubt Andrew will let us take the laptop so I probably won't be able to update blogger until I get back!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I'm back

Well, I arrived back home last evening about 7 p.m. My cousin, Thad, picked me up from the airport...Grant was with him. I am really glad to be home.

I have been to an awesome conference in LA about limited ultrasonography in Crisis Pregnancy centers. It is an awesome tool used for saving babies. I am really looking forward to starting in January with our local pregnancy center. I am one of three nurses and a sonographer who are volunteering to do this.

I guess what has helped me the most by going to this conference is seeing the big picture. I am a stay at home mom and my "box" is so small. My kids and my husband are who I serve, and they are the ultimate cause I should work for. But it is very easy to get a limited view of what is really going on in the world. There are so, very many good and holy people doing what is right all over the world and the United States. I'm guilty of thinking, "There's really nothing I can do to fix the way the country is going. I'll just pray." But I CAN do my small part and I am looking forward to trying, with God's help.

And, this is for Cara... who will get this "joke". And who loved her precious baby enough to not discard her as you would a "tissue". Isn't she gorgeous?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A little somethin' about nothin'

Well, I got in BIG trouble tonight for not posting for so long. (thanks Cara:)) I apologize for this but I'm one of these bloggers who thinks they have to have pictures every time they blog. And I really don't have any new pictures to post.

So I'll just have to say... "Happy Birthday, Heather!" You seem to be doing some better and I'm really glad for that. Thanks for the note today and the nice update.

Marc and Melodie, I got your message today about Logan and I will be praying for him and you all tomorrow morning. I am flying out early (my time) just about the time he will be in surgery. I am going to LA for training to do ultrasounds for the pregnancy center here in town. I will be back in town on Saturday.

Well, I found a cute picture of Tyler that I had not posted on here before and I tried to download it but I couldn't. My internet connection is giving me problems. :(