Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Bathroom

When we first bought this house we built a bedroom for each girl, so that each girl would have her very own room. We were assured by each girl that they would LOVE to have their own room all by themselves. However, after we moved in, we found that one sweet girl wasn't happy about having to stay by herself in her very own room. She would sleep on the couch, or she would end up in her sister's bed. She said it was because her room was too close to the deck and she was afraid someone would come and get her in the middle of the night and no one would know because she was the farthest away from Andrew and I.

So as time went on, Andrew thought maybe we should just make another bathroom and make the other girls' bedroom a little bigger. So that is what we did, and finally the bathroom is almost done. Now, both girls sleep in the same room (which used to be Heidi's), it was made a little bit bigger and Katie's room was made into a bathroom. Here are a couple of pictures.

Don't you just love this faucet?

This picture was taken with me standing up against the corner sink and looking back out toward the dining room. The first picture was taken from the doorway that is on the right hand side of this bottom picture. So it is kind of a small bathroom, but it will work well for us, I think!!

Teresa turns 50.... oh yes, I went there :)

In a couple of weeks, Teresa Ford will turn 50. So we celebrated today with 25 of her friends and family at Chena Pump House. We had a ball! Here is Teresa and Lorrie Shirk is sitting down.

Happy Birthday to my dear friend. I love you, girl!!

Robin Hood

The girls are in the play "Robin Hood" at school. Heidi plays "Mother Meg", she's the cook for Robin Hood and his men. Katie plays "Will Scarlet", one of Robin's men. The kids have worked really hard on this all semester and did a really, really good job. It is funny and entertaining. They have three "shows" this weekend, one last night, which Andrew and I went to, and one today at 1 pm and another at 7 pm tonight. Here are a few pictures of the play, though some are not the best quality, you can at least get the gist. HeidiKaitlin Miller, Heidi, Katie, Ben Glenn(Robin), Nicole, Rachel Langworthy(Little John)
This picture is way too dark, but it is Heidi N. playing The Sheriff's wife, who thinks she is really something. She did an awesome job and was sooooooo funny!!
Heidi N., Renee Langworthy, Carlene (Sherriff of Knottingham), Amber (Lady Marian)
Alex (Friar Tuck) trying to explain to the Sheriff and his cohorts that he really is a peace-loving man.

One of the fight scenes

Rachel and Katie as Little John and Will Scarlet

All honoring King Richard when he appears in the midst of them.

New canisters.

Here is something fun I got a couple of days ago. They are canisters from "Gooseberry Patch". They are really cute, tin, antiqued canisters and lids. I really like them so far!

Enough already!!!

Winter just doesn't seem to want to go away this year. UGH!!!
We, on the other hand, are really wanting winter to go away. We've had a few days with 60 degree temps, so snow is NOT on our agenda at this point!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Andrew's been tagged...

Well, Andrew is 447 miles WNW of Anchorage and I told him he's been tagged so I got a little info that I wasn't sure of and decided to write this for him. (If he did it himself, he wouldn't get done typing for a week) heehee

What he was doing 10 yrs ago...... working. (his answer)

5 things he has to do today....
1) Call his dad
2) Call his gorgeous and sweet wife (my answer, of course)
3) Unload a big airplane
4) Unload another big airplane
5) Try to get some sleep before another big airplane comes in that he has to unload

Snacks he enjoys......
1) coffee
2) apple fritters
3) corn nuts
4) ice cream (he says he doesn't get enough of this)

If he was a billionaire here is what he'd do.....
Honey, I don't have time to answer all these stupid questions (his answer)
Give it to his gorgeous and sweet wife to do with whatever she chooses (my answer)

Places he's lived....
1) Cincinnati, OH
2) Akron, OH
3) Paris, OH
4) Nevada, OH
5) Maryville, TN
6) Friendsville, TN
7) Fairbanks, AK
8)Friendsville, TN (again)
9) Loogootee, IN
10) Friendsville, TN (again)
11) Louisville, TN (with my gorgeous and sweet new wife)
12) Knoxville, TN (with my gorgeous and sweet wife)
13) North Pole, AK (with my gorgeous and sweet OLD wife)

Ladies, this really isn't a bad way to go...filling out your husband's "tagged" comments. You can make yourself look pretty good. heehee

A bunch of babble....

I sure have posted alot this weekend. I guess it's because I don't have time to post during the week so I have to make up for it on the weekend. :)
Here is a picture of the thermometer on our deck at 8:47 p.m. It got up to 62 degrees here today. This past week we had 5-6 inches of snow Monday and about 3-4 inches on Friday so we have seen quite the extremes in one week.
This is the time of the year we call "break-up" it is synonymous with Spring. If I had a cherry I would put it on some of the sloppy snow and quote Dr. Suess's "Oh the thinks you can think" where it says "schlopp, schlopp, beautiful schlopp, beautiful schlopp with a cherry on top". The only reason I think it's beautiful is because it means summer is on the way. :)
Oh, so we are looking into buying a wood burning furnace to hopefully cut down or eliminate fuel costs of heating our house next winter. So we bought 4 big truck loads of logs. It looks like we are fixin' to build a log house. :)

I think this will keep Andrew busy sawing and chopping for a while.

This was a favorite after church Sunday night snack for Marc and Beth and I as we were growing up. I don't know about Marc, but I know Beth and I still fix it often. It is Doritos with shredded cheddar and chopped olives baked for a few minutes in 375 degree oven, until the cheese melts.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Four Wheelin'

Andrew has picked up several four wheelers over the last couple of weeks for their job out in St. Mary's. Out in the Alaskan villages there really isn't a whole lot of reason for cars or trucks, you just get a four wheeler and it usually can get you where you need to go. They are going to have quite the crew out there, and probably alot of the time they can just walk to where they are going but in the event they need to hurry the four wheelers will come in handy. Here are a few pictures of Drew enjoying himself while running the gas out of the machine so it can be flown out to St. Mary's.

Loading it on the truck to go to Anchorage.

Andrew left early this morning to drive to Anchorage and then fly out to St. Mary's. They have 7 "Herc's" (a big cargo airplane) full of materials for the job, that he and a few of their guys have to unload. I think he is to be back here Wednesday. So, this starts my loooooooooong spring/summer/fall away from my dear husband. I am thankful that the plans are for him to be back every other weekend or every third weekend.

Crazy Katie

I would say "Got milk" under this picture but I think it is powdered sugar.
Did you know you can do this with a pop can? It has a little bit of soda still in it.
I believe Tyler was blissfully unaware of the powdered sugar all over his face. Katie had him stick his tongue out while she took the sifter with powdered sugar in it and shook it over his face. She is a crazy girl!!

Sometimes you feel like a nut...sometimes you don't

We had another picture day at school this year. It helps raise funds for the school. Heidi wanted to get her hair straightened for the picture so she forced me to wake her up at 6 am in order to have time to do this. UGH!! I always get up at 6 on school days but I have other things to do until 6:30 when I wake the girls up. But this day I straightened her hair. I think it took about 45 min. We took this picture of half of her hair straight and the other half curly.

Notice, her eyes are telling you that she's not completely awake. :)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

My turn

My sister in law, Melodie, tagged me..... so here goes:

10 yrs ago I was ...... pregnant (but lost her halfway through the pregnancy), and I was at IHC with my three older kids. That was the last time I was at IHC.

5 things on my to do list.... take my girls to drama club workshop today, plan Sunday dinner, vacuum out my kitchen drawers (which have an inexcusable amount of crumbs in them, tell me, how does that happen?), teach my dear daughter Heidi how to parallel park so she can get her license!!, and spend every minute I can with my husband while he is here because he is headed out to St. Mary's, Alaska for the spring/summer/fall to do a big job out there. (he is coming home every other or every third weekend)

Snacks I enjoy.... (snacks are a no-no for me) BUT, I do like those little dark chocolate Dove candies and white cheddar Cheez-its, I also love string cheese and cashews which are better for me.

Things I would do if I were a Billionaire.... I would give alot of money to Bible Methodist Missions, HIM and Global Holiness Mission, Far North Missionary Fellowship would get alot as well as Far North Christian School, and I would probably give alot to GBS, Hobe Sound and other colleges like them, then I would buy a house in the tropics and a jet so my husband could fly us there every other weekend. :)

Bad habits...... my worst is probably not having a set time every day for devotions, picking at problem areas on my face, not trying new things to cook

Places I've lived.... Monjas, Guatemala; San Pedro Sula, Honduras; Bedford, Indiana; Guatemala City, Guatemala; Cincinnati, OH; Louisville, TN; Knoxville, TN; North Pole, AK

Jobs I've held.... church janitor, babysitter/cleaning lady/nanny, librarian (in nursing school), as a nurse - med/surg nurse, CCU nurse, ICU nurse, float pool nurse and now Nurse Manager of a Pregnancy center, my favorite job of all is being a mommy to my kids and wife to my husband!!

I'm tagging

Tracey M. and

Cara E.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Fun, Fun, Fun

Oh guys, I had the funnest day yesterday at work. No pictures, cuz I'd get fired, of course. But I found twins for the first time on ultrasound. Ooooooooooooo, it was soooooooo cool!! The momma had no idea and I got to show her them on the screen. Thankfully she was very excited. And, I'm not a doctor, so I can't "diagnose" twins, but they were pretty obvious.... two gestational sacs, with two fetuses (one in each GS) and both had heart beats!! What a job!!!! So neat. I was hard to live with the rest of the day! :)

An Evening with Friends

Our school has an awesome music program with Miss Cheri as the teacher. She teaches choir and band and then also has some violin students as well. She puts herself into the fine arts program and then puts a program together as a fund raiser for the fine arts program. We had it at Pike's Waterfront Lodge with hors doerves (sp?) and alot of really lovely people. Not only did the choir sing but also we were priveleged to hear a barbershop quartet and a quartet from our church and several instrumentals (clarinet and flute duet, violin solo, harp solo) also a duet of "The Prayer". WOW!! It was really good!! And with the company at our table, you know we had a blast! :) (See below)

The "Tanana Flats" barbershop quartet.
Renee and friend (ooooops, I can't remember his name)

Poor Steve..... and he thought he was getting a nice picture taken of he and his lovely wife of 16 years. :) Love ya' Trace!!

It's that time of the year...

Soccer time........ how am I going to afford it this summer? All of my kids want to play. :) This was Taylor putting on Grant's last year's uniform shirt and giving us a wink!!!!