Monday, August 24, 2009

How does he do it?

Taylor managed to get another black eye... he caught a baseball with it! What a tough kid!

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Flowers now!

Here are what the flowers look like now. If you didn't see them when they got planted, just check out the blog below. Thanks to Mrs. Barb Schmidt for taking such good care of them, the flowers have all flourished. U. Dwane says she is over there almost every day watering them and babying them. They really look nice this year.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Flowers and Father's Day


We planted the church planters again this year. They turned out really beautiful. I'll have to get a picture of what they look like now.


The back side of the church.

Father's Day picture

My petunias were really pretty this year.

Drew's birthday and Heidi's "new" truck

Birthday # 13 (for some reason, I only see 12 candles, one must be behind another one, or maybe I only had 12 candles... I can't remember)
We got him a cell phone... he was very happy. (as you can tell)

Heidi is helping her daddy this summer with expediting. Andrew saw this truck sitting in someone's driveway, (no "For Sale" sign on it, but Andrew says, "everything's for sale")
so he stopped in and asked what they wanted for it and we accepted the price they asked for. It is so cute, a stick shift, not fast, but very practical.

She is doing very well driving it!!

Time to catch up!

Katie's 16th birthday, May 29th Drew and Grant working hard splitting a huge pile of wood
The twins played soccer for the first time this summer. The first two pictures are of Taylor the the last one is of both of them. Grant wanted cheesecake for his birthday.. and with three birthdays in the same week, we are always willing to fix something other than regular CAKE. Grant turned 9 this year and he must have been hot because all of his birthday pictures are with his shirt off, so I will refrain from posting them, although I am sure you wouldn't be offended. :) Drew and I eating cheesecake... or maybe Drew is finishing up Katie's chocolate cake. (It certainly doesn't look like he's eating cheesecake.)