Monday, January 26, 2009

Mexico - Part 3

Looking over the city of Saltillo, MX. It was beautiful.

A different view, from a different place... but still Saltillo.

All the grand "boys" except for Kent, sitting on a cannon.

Me, in the middle of my "little" brother and my "big" sister. Yep, it does seem a little opposite, but he is younger than me and she is older than me. I am so proud to be their sister. I love them for their dedication to the mission field and for the abilities God has given them. And I love both of their spouses. We have talked before about how God has helped us all to really love one another, especially when there are so many who don't even try to love their in-laws. We are really fortunate to have Melodie and Steve in our family... and here is where I add my wonderful husband, who also fits well in to our family.

The mountains on our way to San Rafael/La Boca.

Some cute boys and their burro.

I think they take advantage of the cactus as fencing, or to reinforce their fencing.

AND that would be the little girls' room... :)

Grant kept picking the spines off of the cacti and he turned around too quickly and poked one right in to Jordan's forearm. We could not pull it out with our fingers, we had to use a "Leatherman" tool. You were a real He-man, Jordan. Chicks dig that. :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mexico - Part 2

Melodie served us lunch as soon as we got there. I believe it was steak or beef fajitas. It was wonderful. We had chicken and beef fajitas at Beth's house one of the first days we were there. Both Beth and Melodie had limes and cheese and guacamole, etc. Beth also made the famous "elotes" that I had heard so much about. I personally wasn't crazy about the dish, though I didn't think it was bad. It is corn and mayonnaise and chili powder and lime juice, for those of you who haven't read Beth's or Melodie's posts.This is what we had for Sunday lunch. The pastor's wife and sister-in-law fixed it for us. It was delicious. The stuff that looks like beef stew, was not stew but something like it that had green salsa in it, then there was rice in the middle and "carne asada" (I think) on the other side. Yum!! My kids loved this food. It was so fun watching the boys eat!!This is called "discado", if I remember correctly. It is about four different types of meat cooked over an open fire.The discado was served with guacamole, tortillas, beans and cheese, chips, and salsa. Taylor could not get enough of it! It was fabulous. Jose and Anna Correa were our hosts for this wonderful meal.

This is what it looked like up close.

The Correa's

Then we had a good ol' American Christmas dinner of turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, deviled eggs, rolls, mac and cheese, gravy, etc. It was wonderful!!

And then there was the clean up..... :)

Here was another meal that the pastor's wife, Sylvia, made for us.. three different kinds of tacos. Let me tell you, that lady can cook!! We later received some tamales from her. I didn't get a picture of those, but if you check Melodie's blog she has a picture on one of her posts.

Now somehow I didn't get a picture of the meal we had at San Rafael. The pastor's wife there fixed us an awesome meal that was just out of this world. I wished so badly that I could just eat and eat, it was that good.

Another place at which I forgot to get a picture was the "Taco's al Pastor" place down by the market. I wish I could go there right now and eat some more of those. Melodie and Beth have both had pictures of that place on their blogs, I think.

Well, there was a little stroll down the "food aisle" in Mexico. Hope you enjoyed it and it didn't make you too hungry. :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mexico - Part 1

We left for Mexico Dec. 17th, flying through Chicago, spending the night there then on through Detroit to Monterrey on Dec. 18th. We arrived in Monterrey, MX around noon, rented our vehicle and careened/hurtled for an hour to Saltillo, where Marc and Melodie (my brother and sister-in-law) and Beth and Steve (my sister and brother-in-law) live. Andrew and I in the Detroit airport.This is in front of Marc and Melodie's house, with the beautiful mountains in the background. They live in a beautiful, gated community which is very safe for the kids to play in.

This is the nice playground that is just about a block away from their house.

This is my sister, Beth's house, in the same community. We were all descending on their house for lunch that day.
Now time for a game of "cowboys and indians", Mexican style...... "americans against mexicans". The boys had a blast playing with the neighborhood mexican boys. It was really fun to watch them make friends, even though they didn't know the language. Thankfully, Jordan and Cameron and Logan were able to help in that arena.

Friday, January 16, 2009

We un-desecrated his deer!!!

With this post I am officially announcing that I am back "on" and will be posting more often in the very near future. I now have a couple of months of pictures and interesting things to post so you should be able to check back fairly often and find something new.... at least for a little while. :) But, I thought that since you looked at the deer and the Christmas lights for so long, you probably wanted to see that the Christmas lights are now down and we are getting back to normal!