Sunday, May 10, 2009


Here are a couple of pictures of animals that we have seen this winter. The bottom picture is of an owl hidden in the tree. The next is a picture of a porcupine we saw on the way home from Anchorage today. We also saw some Dall Sheep today, I think I will post a video of them too. (Well, I tried to upload a video but I couldn't... Blogger wouldn't let me)


Can you see it?

A closer picture


Ronda said...

How neat to have "wildlife" in your backdoor...:)

Anonymous said...

We just recently realized that our Bryan is frightened to come to AK for he thinks that these types of creatures are ALL you all have.... no stores, roads... just WOODS and Bear and creatures such as these. He NEEDS to come for a visit! :) Love you all lots, Laura